Frequent Asking Questions (FAQ)

M1 questions:

1. There are three models M1, M3036 and G6526. What are the major differences in between three of them? What GSM Module you are using in them?
Model M3036 M1 G6526
GSM Module Simcom Sim340 Simcom Sim340 Siemens TC65
GPS, Built in or External Falcom(Germany) SiRF Star III, Built in UBlox Lea-5S, Built in SiRF Star III, External GMouse
Features P/S2 connector for Barcode scanner, Remote Controller to Arm / Disarm the unit. Hand free speaker phone, One analog input, replying google map link there for no server is required Java based, SDK is available for System Integrator to design their own application programs.

2. Can we attached vehicle central locking kit with this unit and can control remotely.
Ans: yes.

3. All inputs have the event base or only time base. When acc status will be changed either it give us on that time or give us status after pre set time interval.
Ans: event based.

4. There are three steps Unit online, offline and emergency mood, can we make the time interval different for three different moods.
Ans: sure, we recommend 30,120,20 for these three time interval, the unit is second.

5. When unit will be in sleep mood then it send us the location by pre set time interval or not give the location in sleep mood or can say offline mode?
Ans: to send location or not is changable by user anytime, but just send unit id for keeping alive if set to stop sending location during offline.

6. If not give the location in sleep or can say offline mode then can we able to wake up the unit by our self and can take or pool the location.
Ans: Yes, just send $ping to the unit, a location will be replied by the unit.

7. what is the minimum time interval on which we can take max location.
Ans: 5 seconds.

8. When unit will be in backup battery mode how many time it will generate the battery alert or send once on server and how much time it remain on work on the backup.
Ans: First alert will be sent to server when main power is lost, the second alert will be sent to server when backup battery is in low voltage. About 4 hours the unit is able to work with backup battery.

9. What would be the time interval when unit will be on backup battery.
Ans: the same as normal.

10. Can we attach the camera with RS232 port and can view the live picture remotely.
Ans: Under developing, release soon.

11. Can we able to calculate or have an alert of Hash Brake.
Ans: not yet, but a G-sensor has been installed in the unit, we may ask our engineer to implement this function.

12. Is unit send the total millage covered on every ACC on or off status or we need to retrieve data of millage covered separately.
Ans: yes, the total milage is sent to sever with standard reporting message. and it is presettable and resettable.

13. Can we attach any sensor with the mentioned inputs.
Ans: yes, such as infrad sensor or reed switch, etc. Moreover, the analog input can be connected to the fuel level sensor to detect the fuel level.

14. When unit store data in it flash memory while moving in NON Coverage area it automatically send data to server when connects or we need to retrieve data from unit manually.
Ans: No, the unit re-send data automatically once the unit get off the NON Coverage area.

15. How it work with SMS when GPRS is not available. We need to transfer the unit manually or it automatically transferred to SMS. What logic you are using in it.
Ans: Auto-switch to SMS when the unit fails to send data via GPRS.

16. The setting of parameter will be save in unit firmware or memory or in the sim which we will use in this unit.
Ans: the parameter is saved into EEPROM in Microcontroller.

17. The 10 geofences we need to enter in the unit or it will control by the software.
Ans: user has to set the latitude and longitude of the center of circle and its radius with SMS or from server via GPRS.

18. What will be the warranty period you will cover in it, and how much durable this unit is.
Ans: usually 1 year, but for qualified customers the warranty period can be extent to 15 months.

19. Is your company have the desktop software or only web base software to monitor the unit.
Ans: only web base software.

20. Can we input the Digital Maps in it or not. If we can use our digital maps what datum and format software will use.
Ans: Sorry, currently not.

21. When we take the location from software and unit in offline status can we able to see the last location of unit when it was connected lastly and sent last data or not.
Ans: yes.

22. How much load of vehicles this software can take.
Ans: actually, the restriction is not on the software, but on the network and computer speed. We recommend the number of vehicle is under 1000, for more than this number, you can install one more server to hadle another 1000 units.

23. Is there availability of MIS data entry system separately or not.
Ans: no.

24. Is this software use the Microsoft SQL server if yes then what version it compatible with.
Ans: the software can use Microsoft SQL server, but currently MySQL is used.

25. Is vehicle data listener directly store data in MS sql server or not.
Ans: Yes, the software has two parts, one is for receiving data from M1 and save data into database directly, the other part is a web program providing the user interface for accessing database and digital map.

26. When we send command to unit, this command will send through or via Data Base server or directly from software. What is the command transfer structure.
Path1: User is able to use his/her mobile phone to send command to the unit with SMS.
Path2: Server sends command to the unit either via GPRS or with SMS by a GSM modem.

27. These are above mentioned are some basic steps, which we want to know secondly can you people will support us if we need any modification in software and hardware. We want the good support 24/7 so that we can serve well in our country and can able to get good business for both of us.
Ans: We have provided help desk with skype or MSN, sometimes we use Team-Viewer to help customer.

28. Is the unit using GPRS or SMS only?
Ans: Using both

29. Is there someway I can connect to the M1 configuration program using GPRS? That will help us to reconfgure the settings without going to the vehicle.
Ans: Yes, we provide a TCPServer program, and u can switch M1 to this program and send command to M1 via this program, but u should have fixed IP address.

30. How to setup speaker and mic phone numbers?
Ans: Input2(Purple) is connected to the speed dial button, the phone number to be dialed should be saved in the first number in Panic parameter. Only three phone numbers in the Panic parameters can be accepted for dialing in. Please adjust the position of both micphone and speaker to avoid echo


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